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Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Cary Family Dental helps patients near Apex and Morrisville treat their sleep apnea and snoring problems.

Stop snoring, treat your sleep apnea at CARY FAMILY DENTAL!

Snoring is an unpleasant nightly occurrence that can affect your quality of sleep and the quality of sleep of your partner or loved one. Patients who snore don’t sleep as well, and have less energy during the day. Snoring can cause bitterness if a partner’s snoring is keeping a patient from getting the sleep that they need. If you snore, you most likely want to find a solution, but did you know that you can get help with your snoring from your dentist?

At Cary Family Dental, our team has the knowledge and experience to help our patients manage their snoring and other sleep disorders. Our practice offers meaningful treatment for sleep apnea, and efficient, comfortable, snoring remedies. If you are looking for a solution for your snoring, or the snoring of a loved one, we can provide you with the treatment you need to enjoy a good night’s rest again.

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How Sleep Apnea Was Slowly Killing Me
“Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition that happens when the throat muscles relax during sleep and occlude the airway causing the person to stop breathing.”

Last Night I Finally Conquered My Sleep Apnea
“Last night was the first time I can remember sleeping all the way through the night without waking up.”

Our staff understands that every patient is unique and has unique needs. Before we begin treatment, we will conduct a sleep study so that we understand your individual sleeping patterns and can provide a definite diagnosis. We will treat the cause of your snoring with a special appliance, or a snoring guard. Our snoring guards are completely comfortable to sleep in and wear during the night. Patients who take advantage of our snoring treatments sleep sounder and feel better in the morning after they’ve gotten a good night’s rest.

We have the technology and the skill to help our patients who want to enjoy a better, more productive sleep and who want to improve the sleep of their partner. We will communicate with you every step of the way to make sure that you are receiving the best and most meaningful care.

To find out more about our snoring guards and sleep disorder treatments, contact our office today.

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