Sleep Apnea Treatment

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Couple from Cary no longer losing sleep after getting sleep apnea treatment.
Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that makes it difficult for patients to breathe properly while they are sleeping. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea constantly wake up during the night when their airway continually collapses and stops oxygen from reaching the brain. Patients with sleep apnea struggle to get a good night’s rest and feel sluggish and lethargic in the morning, even if they went to bed for a full eight hours. Sleep apnea patients often snore and make it difficult for their loved ones to sleep as well.

Sleep apnea is a common serious condition that can have a negative impact on your health and overall well-being, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting the rest that you need. A visit to Cary Family Dental can get you sleep apnea treatment, compassionate service and understanding, and a good night’s rest again.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

At Cary Family Dental, our team understands that the best way to treat sleep apnea is to focus on the cause. When we isolate your sleeping pattern and why the obstruction keeps happening, we can determine the best way to treat your sleep apnea and alleviate your symptoms. When you come into our office for sleep apnea treatment, we will begin by performing a sleep study. From there, we can create an appliance specifically for you to help you breathe properly and to sleep well again. At our practice, we also offer snore guard options for our patients who snore during the night and want relief.

Our sleep apnea treatment allows patients to:

Sleep Through the Night | A good night’s sleep allows your body to recharge itself and prepare for the next day. Sleeping soundly rejuvenates your energy and makes you feel happier, and healthier. A great night of solid rest is one of life’s simple pleasures.
Stay Healthier | After a good night’s sleep, you will feel more energized and active. Patients who sleep well feel better about themselves and enjoy positive health benefits. Sleep plays an important and pivotal role in your overall well-being.
Help Their Family Sleep Better Too | Sometimes sleep disorders affect more than the person struggling with them. Snoring is often a side effect of sleep apnea, and if you sleep near a loved one, your sleep apnea could keep them from sleeping well. Sleep apnea treatment could help both you and your family enjoy a better night’s rest.

To find out more about our sleep apnea treatment, and how it could help you with your sleep disorder, contact us at our office.

Man is happy that he can treat his sleep apnea at a dentist office near Morrisville and Apex NC.