Stop Snoring

Stop snoring with snoring remedies from a dentist in Cary, near Morrisville and Apex NC.Snoring is an unpleasant nightly occurrence that can affect your quality of sleep and the quality of sleep of your partner or loved one. Patients who snore don’t sleep as well, and have less energy during the day. Snoring can cause bitterness if a partner’s snoring is keeping a patient from getting the sleep that they need. If you snore, you most likely want to find a solution, but did you know that you can get help with your snoring from your dentist?

At Cary Family Dental, our team has the knowledge and experience to help our patients manage their snoring and other sleep disorders. Our practice offers meaningful treatment for sleep apnea, and efficient, comfortable, snoring remedies. If you are looking for a solution for your snoring, or the snoring of a loved one, we can provide you with the treatment you need to enjoy a good night’s rest again.

What is Snoring?

Snoring occurs when the airway to and from the lungs becomes constricted. The soft tissue in the back of the throat vibrates as it presses against other tissue it makes a sound. Snoring is extremely common, especially for people with sleep apnea, and although it is not dangerous alone, snoring can be very annoying to those around you.

How We Treat Snoring

A common treatment for snoring is the use of an oral device (snore guard) that is designed to separate the vibrating tissue from the rest of the mouth and open up the airway in the throat. In most cases our custom snore guards are extremely effective in preventing snoring in our patients.

More About Sleep Apnea

Do you feel sleepy or fatigued much of the day? Do you have trouble losing weight? Has someone told you that you stop breathing during the night? If so, you can take this simple screening test to see if you might be at risk. If you score a 10 or higher, schedule a free consult to meet with me to discuss your options.

To find out more about our snoring guards and sleep disorder treatments, contact our office today.